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Question & Answer
30/10/2018 Ben
Kukui nut body butter is a natural moisturiser, renowned for its soothing effects.

Question & Answer

“I’ve recently started using your products for rosecea, which I find it helps. I also use face moisturiser as well. I’ve always had a problem with dry skin on the bridge of my nose. I’ve tried everything but nothing is taking it away. Could you recommend any other product I could use?”

You could try my Kukui Nut Butter, a natural moisturiser suitable for all skin conditions, which can be used on both face and body.

Kukui nut butter has excellent skin rejuvenating and softening properties. It contains high levels of vitamins A, C and E, so is naturally anti-oxidant rich. The natural ingredients help the skin revive without chemicals.

Pressed from kukui nuts found in Hawaii, it is 100% natural and has been traditionally used in Hawaii for many years to protect babies’ delicate skin from the sun, sea and salt.

Kukui nut butter is beneficial for nursing mothers as it helps relieve cracked and sore nipples and can be used on babies’ nappy rash or dry skin patches.
It is suitable for many skin conditions, including:

• eczema
• burns
• psoriasis
• cracked, sore nipples
• nappy rash
• dry, chapped, cracked and sore skin
• sensitive/irritated skin
• mature skin

Due to this product being 100% natural, the texture and colour of each batch may vary. Some batches are white and waxy while others are more yellow in colour.

Drink plenty of water during the day to make sure your skin stays hydrated.

You could try gently exfoliating your skin but I wouldn’t recommend you do it more than once a month. If you over-exfoliate, you are actually removing the only protective barrier that your skin has. If you remove the barrier, then your skin is exposed to environmental toxins, not to mention the sun, which causes the most damage.

Here is a recipe for a natural sugar scrub you can make at home:

Natural Sugar Scrub: Sugar cane is a natural source of glycolic acid, another alpha hydroxy that can boost new skin cell production as well as smooth and soften the skin. Mix a half-cup of white or brown sugar with enough olive or grapeseed oil to make a paste and apply to face in circular motion. Let sit for 10 minutes and wash away with warm water.

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