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    This Sports Gift Set is ideal for easing tired, sore and inflamed muscles and joints, whether it be from sports or from heavy, physical work.
    [spb_accordion width="1/1" el_position="first last"] [spb_accordion_tab title="Description" accordion_id="description" icon=""] [spb_text_block animation="none" animation_delay="0" simplified_controls="yes" custom_css_percentage="no" padding_vertical="0" padding_horizontal="0" margin_vertical="0" custom_css="margin-top: 0px;margin-bottom: 0px;" border_size="0" border_styling_global="default" width="1/1" el_position="first last"] The set includes bath oil, massage/body oil and two shower gels. All products contain pure essential oils which have natural anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties to help ease and relax sore, aching muscles and joints. Aches Away Bath Oil, 100ml: a rich and luxurious bath oil with may chang, rosemary and sweet marjoram essential oils can help ease and relax sore, tight and aching muscles, whether it be from a strenuous workout or the daily rigours of life. Muscle & Joint Therapeutic Massage/Body Oil, 100ml: helps ease painful and inflamed muscles and joints. Peppermint Shower Gel, 100ml: cooling and reviving – a great way to start your day. Exfoliating Body Wash, 100ml: a great pick-me-up, refreshes and uplifts the spirit, and aids exhaustion; high in vitamin C. [/spb_text_block] [/spb_accordion_tab] [/spb_accordion]