Hand Sanitiser – Skin Barrier Disruptor

Hand Sanitiser – Skin Barrier Disruptor
20/07/2020 Ben

Hand Sanitiser – Skin Barrier Disruptor

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus and taking the appropriate precautions, people are liberally applying hand sanitiser throughout the day..

Hand sanitiser needs a high alcohol content for it to be effective, however due to its high alcohol content regular use can be harmful to skin as it dries skin out, and disrupts natural barrier function. If the skin barrier becomes damaged it makes it more permeable and disrupts normal skin bacteria allowing easier passage of irritants and infection, as well as causing allergic dermatitis.

Limit your use of hand sanitiser and instead whenever possible wash your hands with a hand wash and water as this is the best way of protecting yourself.

Try one of our gentle natural hand and body washes made with Aloe Vera instead.

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