Reasons to Exfoliate

Reasons to Exfoliate
16/11/2018 Ben

Is your skin looking dry, tired and dull?

If so, it is probably in need of some exfoliation and hydration.

Exfoliating your skin once a week removes the build up of dead skin cells which can leave the skin looking dull, rough, and dry.

By gently exfoliating the face and body, you help prevent the build-up of dead skin cells, which lead to excess oil and clogged pores, resulting in blackheads, acne and ingrowing hairs.

After exfoliating your body, use a body moisturiser daily to keep your skin soft and hydrated.

You can make yourself a simple body exfoliator by using store cupboard ingredients: mix approximately one cup of either coarse sea salt or sugar mixed with one tablespoon of olive oil. Massage into skin whilst showering then rinse off. (May make shower or bath slippery, so be careful.)

If you prefer something more luxurious , try our Juniper Berry & Grapefruit Exfoliating Body Wash.

This gentle exfoliating body wash with juniper berry, grapefruit and sea buckthorn oil will help boost circulation, improve skin tone and the appearance of cellulite and detoxify your skin. The natural pumice will exfoliate away dead skin cells leaving your skin looking polished and renewed.

For skin nourishment and hydration, try one of our Organic Hand & Body Lotions, available in three fragrances and two sizes.

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