DIY Natural Cleaning Paste (Chemical Free)

DIY Natural Cleaning Paste (Chemical Free)
19/03/2020 Ben

DIY Natural Cleaning Paste (Chemical free)

Ideal for cleaning kitchens & bathrooms. It will degrease your cooker,remove dirt and limescale, and remove stains.

You will need:
Sodium Bicarbonate
Fresh Lemons

Put a couple of heaped dessert spoons of sodium bicarbonate into a bowl. Cut your lemons in half & squeeze the juice into the bowl (keep the squeezed lemon skins). Add the vinegar slowly to mixture & mix in until it forms a paste.

Your cleaner is now ready to use. You can put the cleaner on a damp cloth or scourer to wipe around sinks etc. For stubborn grime put the paste on and leave for half an hour then rinse off.

The lemon skins are great for polishing your taps and will give them a brilliant shine. Lemons are a natural bleach and are anti-bacterial. Rub the lemon skins directly over your taps & around your sink, then rinse with clean water.

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