Bespoke Products.


We specialise in making aromatherapy custom blends to meet our clients’ requirements. You may want a product made with your favourite fragrance of essential oil or you prefer fragrance-free products, or it may be that you want a product made to help with a specific problem, such as arthritis, eczema, lethargy, sleep problems, stress or depression. When enquiring about bespoke products, please complete the online consultation form.
This will help me decide the most beneficial essential oils and ingredients for your blend and will also make sure you have no contra-indications. I will then email you with details of the blend I have selected for you and the price of your bespoke product. If you then wish to go ahead with your order we will send you an invoice to be paid by BACS. Once this has been paid please allow 7 days before despatch of your product. If you have any further questions you can contact us at [email protected].


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Types of bespoke products available.


Facial Oil / Beard Oil

Bath & Shower:
Bath Oil / Bath Salts / Bath Milk Powder / Bath Sherbet / Salt Scrub / Foot Scrub / Bath & Shower Gel

Body Oil / Body Lotion / Body Butter / Body Balm / Massage Oil

Just because bespoke products are tailor-made to your requirements does not mean they will be expensive. Prices start from as little as £20.00 – and we’ll always tell you the price before you order and pay. The cost depends on the ingredients that we use, with some essential oils costing much more than others. Click here for link for an indication of the prices of our bespoke aromatherapy bath, body and skin care products.


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Bespoke products pricelist.

Pricelist for some of our handmade aromatherapy products. This is just a small selection. Contact us with any queries by filling in our Bespoke Products Consultation Form 


Bespoke Balms (100g) from £20.00
Bespoke Bath Milk Powders (430g) from £26.00
Bespoke Bath Oils (250ml) from £30.00
Bespoke Bath Salts (430g) from £25.00
Bespoke Bath Sherberts (400g) from £20.00
Bespoke Body Lotions (250ml) from £24.00
Bespoke Body Washes (250ml) from £20.00
Bespoke Exfoliating Body Washes (250ml) from £20.00
Bespoke Facial Oil/ Serums (30ml) from £20.00
Bespoke Hand Washes (250ml) from £20.00
Bespoke Shower/Bath Gels (250ml) from £20.00